Three Training sessions in London, UK in September, 2012

This intensive 1-day training is suitable for novices as well as professional mobile phone examiners and forensic analysts. We will tell you about the main approaches used in mobile forensics, their advantages and disadvantages. We will teach you how to use all the advanced features of Oxygen Forensic Suite software to extract the maximum of mobile device information using plain cables and Bluetooth adapters. You will learn what hidden forensic data can be extracted from smartphones and how to identify geographical coordinates of phone events (sent/received SMS messages, camera snapshots etc).
The devices covered by the training are:

  • Android smartphones
  • iPhone and iPod Touch devices
  • Symbian OS smartphones
  • Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphones
  • Blackberry smartphones
  • Nokia S40 phones
  • Sony Ericsson cell phones
  • Samsung cell phones

Note: Education Centre has over 34 fully-equipped classrooms, but students are free to bring own laptop with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Certification of Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 (Standard) free license users
This training will include certification level for the users of free Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 (Standard). All attendees will receive lifetime upgrades and renewals for Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 (Standard).

To register choose the option and date that does best for you.

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