Techno Forensics: Geo-location data in Android services and applications

Mobile forensics section was very popular at Techno Forensics Conference this year that took place in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA on October 31- November 1, 2011.

The Geo-location data in iOS and Android services and applications: Finding, Processing and Validation report presented by Oleg Davydov (Oxygen Software) aroused the interest on the whole audience.

The necessity to link device locations to timestamps is one of the top-priority tasks for forensic experts nowadays. Report reveals the sources of this data in modern mobile devices, the ways to extract this data and how to analyze it.  

Here you can view this presentation and download it to your computer.

The screenshots in presentation were made on a real devices data in Oxygen Forensic Suite software. A 30-day Trial version is available for immediate download for your investigation.

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